Born in Denver and raised in Colorado, Mexico, and Peru, I attended Grinnell College and the University of Denver.  I have worked in many literary and editorial roles, including roles as in-house corporate writer, freelance corporate writer, freelance general nonfiction writer, project consultant (“book doctor”), line editor, copy editor, and proofreader.  I live with my wife near Montpelier, Vermont.

My career as a writer has included the publication of five novels (Last Things; Fever; and The Mountain Trilogy: The Mountain Made of Light, Fire and Ice, and The Summit); four nonfiction books (The View from Whitcomb Hill: Vermont in the Age of Climate Crisisforthcoming; Message in a Bottle—forthcoming; Today a Flying Bear Will Kill Me: Quests, Inquiries, and Misadventures; and On Whitcomb Hill: Land, House, and History in Rural Vermont; fifteen children’s books (including The Dreamsinger, Storyteller, Duck and CoverIce, Climb or Die, and The Adventures of Forri the Baker); and a well-received, much-reprinted book about bereavement, When Parents Die: A Guide for Adults.

I have also co-authored or ghostwritten sixteen book-length projects with or for clients.

For details on these and many other books, please click the link below.

Myers Publication List – 2022

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  2. Carol Ehrlich says:

    I just went through your publication list, and as the kids would say, I am GOBSMACKED! You have written so many books, and you have prestigious publishing houses on your list!! Impressed I am, to say the least!

    and wouldn’t your parents be proud! oh my! (I can see your father’s twinkle in his eyes!)

    I look forward to talking with you/hearing from you…. all my best, Carol Ehrlich

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