Edward Myers, Writer

Over the past thirty years, I have established a record as a literary jack-of-all-trades, with thirty-six books published or forthcoming in the fields of business, psychology, general nonfiction, mainstream fiction, literary fiction, and children’s literature.

I have worked closely and effectively with experts in a wide variety of fields to present their knowledge accessibly and elegantly in book form.

If you want to write a book but need the assistance of an experienced author, call me.  I have the expertise, organizational skills, and track record necessary to make your project a success.

About Ed @ Montemayor

I am a writer, editor, and publisher.
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2 Responses to Edward Myers, Writer

  1. Hannah says:

    Mr. Myers, I have read your book Climb or Die and I loved it! I am a 6th grader and I am doing a book report on Climb or Die. As part of the project, we need to find a couple interesting facts about the author. Do you have a favorite book that you wrote? Why? Could you please tell me a couple interesting facts about yourself that are not on the web?
    Hannah Smith

    • Hello, Hannah! Many thanks for your message yesterday. I appreciate your comments and your questions. So, here goes. Question #1: of the books I’ve written for young readers, my favorite is STORYTELLER. This is a fantasy novel about a young man long ago who is obsessed with stories and storytelling. He leaves his farm village, travels to the Royal City, and seeks his fortune as a storyteller to the king. Many adventures (and dangers) result from his experiences. I especially like this book because a) it was great fun to write, b) it allowed me to explore the nature of storytelling, and c) I never knew what would happen next. I had to write the book to find out. Question #2: two facts about myself that aren’t on my website are: a) I spent almost three years of my boyhood and youth living in Peru, and b) I worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for a number of years. That’s it for now. Thanks again and best wishes– Ed

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