Born in Denver and raised in Colorado, Mexico, and Peru, I attended Grinnell College and the University of Denver.  I have worked in many literary and editorial roles, including roles as in-house corporate writer, freelance corporate writer, freelance general nonfiction writer, project consultant (“book doctor”), line editor, copy editor, and proofreader.  I live with my wife near Montpelier, Vermont.

Over the course of my thirty-year career as a writer, I have published four novels (including The Mountain Trilogy: The Mountain Made of Light, Fire and Ice, and The Summit); fourteen children’s books (including Storyteller, Duck and CoverIce, Climb or Die, and The Adventures of Forri the Baker); and a well-received, much-reprinted book about bereavement, When Parents Die: A Guide for Adults.

I have also co-authored or ghostwritten over a dozen book-length projects, of which just a few are:

    • The Structure House Weight Plan: The Life-Changing Program for Lifelong Health (with Gerard J. Musante, Ph.D.)
    • The Ernst & Young Financial Planning Guide (with partners of Ernst & Young)
    • The Ernst & Young Executive Guide to Total Cost Management (with partners of Ernst & Young)
    • Master Your Fears: How to Triumph over Your Worries and Get on with Your Life (with Linda Sapadin, Ph.D.)
    • The Parenting Survival Kit: How to Make It Through the Parenting Years with Your Family, Sanity, and Wallet Intact (with Aleta Koman, M.Ed.)
    • Adult Sibling Rivalry: Understanding the Legacy of Childhood (with Jane Greer, D.S.W.).

For details on these and many other books, please click the link below.

Myers Publication List – 2017


2 Responses to About

  1. Jay Gluck says:

    Hey Eddie, you forgot to include “Polar Pigs: Miracle or Menace?” An inquiry into the historical, political, and agricultural realities of Nature’s least remarkable species.

    • edmyers134 says:

      Whoa, Nellie! What a delight to hear from you after all these years! And it’s amazing that you (or anyone) would recall that much-maligned porcine species. Thanks! Back to you soon by other means.

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